Good News – Adelaide Table Tennis Club Re-Opens Tuesday 1st December.

The good news is that as of tomorrow, Tuesday, 1st December 2020 the Club may re-open.

There are some new general conditions/obligations that are detailed in the new Covid Safe Plan provided to us by the SA Office for Sport, Recreation and Racing (OSRR).

The Covid Safe Plan also includes our Covid-Safe Check-In QR Code and a set of instructions on how to use the QR code. I will place this code (printed A4 sheet) and instructions on the Canteen counter tomorrow (Tuesday).

The OSRR will advise me when the ‘My SA gov’ app can be downloaded from the Apple and Google app stores. In the meantime, the QR code can be used with a smartphone camera.  I will advise via a Facebook post when the ‘My SA gov’ app may be downloaded.
Irrespective of using the QR Code it will still be necessary for everyone to complete our manual ‘Attendance Register’ on the Canteen Counter as we need that information for financial accounting purposes, reporting participation activity to Table Tennis Australia and for contact tracing purposes.

The new conditions that have been put in place possibly may only apply for two weeks.
These are: 

General obligations – Contact tracing with approved contact tracing system

 You must put in place and operate an approved contact tracing system at your venue or activity.

 This means either the QR Code provided in this plan (SafeCheckIn), ScanTek or another electronic platform approved by the State Coordinator. You are not allowed to use any different option.

 People attending your venue or activity must check in using the approved contact tracing system you have put in place (unless they are genuinely unable, for example if they do not have a smartphone).

 If and when it is truly impossible for you to use an approved contact tracing system (or for a patron to check in by using it), then you must still keep a different type of attendance record of these people attending your venue (that is, as a back-up option).

o These records must then include each person’s contact details, and the time and date of attendance.

o They must be produced for inspection at the request of an authorised officer.

o It is prohibited to use these records for any other purpose than for COVID-19 contact tracing.

o They can be physical or digital records.

General obligations – density

 The maximum number of members of the public per separate indoor room or indoor area must not exceed 1 person per 4 square metres of publicly accessible space.

General obligations – distancing

 Have measures in place to maintain and encourage others to maintain the physical distancing principle of at least 1.5 metres separation. This includes:

o At entry and exit points.
o This does not apply to those who attend as a group, such as members of the same household, family or people who otherwise regularly associate with each other.