The State Government have announced the following further easing of COVID-19 restrictions effective, from this Friday, 19th June 2020.

  • The number of people allowable in a room within a venue will increase from 20 to 75 providing 1 person per 4 square metres can be accommodated.  This will apply to training or competition groups.

A new COVID-Safe Plan has been received from the Government acknowledging that we may have 75 persons in our stadium.

This means for our Club that from this Friday we may have up to 75 persons in our Clubrooms – Our Stadium area is large enough to cater for 75 persons with the 4 square metre rule being accommodated.

The consequence of this is that there is now no need for players to book a spot in the sessions that they wish to play in.

Also, TTSA has confirmed with the Office for Sport and Recreation that doubles may now be played.

Please take note of the easing of other restrictions shown below:

  • Non-members and the Public will be welcome back
  • The canteen is now permitted to be open for hand held snacks & non-alcoholic beverages – should we choose to open the canteen.
  • The consumption of food and beverages (beer included) may only be consumed while sitting at a table (1.5 metre distancing rule applies)

It is stressed that all of the hygiene protocols that we have put in place such as the usage of the hand sanitisers, the non-use of the shower facility, the social distancing, the completion of the attendance register and the cleaning of all touch points by the session manager (coaches) on locking up the stadium STILL APPLY.

Greg Bungey